Welcome to Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group in ZJU!
20200910 Gifts from lovely students
202008 H B to Yujie
202006 Graduate season! Best of Luck to all!
191217 Department New Year Show
201906 USD11 at Qiandao Lake
190605 Congratulations, Zhaoliang, Wei and Linglin
201904 课题组毅行爬山
201807 Farewell and best of luck, Yizheng
201709 H B to Wei, Min & Hongzhi
20170909 First gifts from lovely groupmembers
20170701 Farewell to Yuqian!
20170427 H B, Yizheng!
20170408 缥缈毅行
20161211 新加坡 SICC9会议
20161102 生日Party
20160721 法国巴黎 DCP会议