Welcome to Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group in ZJU!

1. Photoexcitation Dynamics in 2D Materials and Van der Waals Interface


Graphene-like 2D materials have shown intriguing physical, chemical and mechanical properties. More importantly, they can be stacked arbitrarily to form Van der Waals heterostructures without lattice mismatching issue. In this project, we are generally interested at photoexcitation dynamics in 2D materials heterostructure at ultimate proximity, including the intralayer exciton formation and relaxation, charge and energy transfer at interface, charge-transfer exciton separation to free carrier and the role of energy, momentum and electronic coupling on these process.

2. Interactions and Dynamics in Mixed Dimensional and Hybrid Heterostructures on 2D Platform


The unique dimensionality and geometry of 2D materials offers an ideal platform to explore interactions and dynamics (e.g. charge and energy transfer process) at mixed dimensional or hybrid heterostructures, including 0D (quantum dot)-2D, 2D-3D (bulk material) heterostructures, metal nanoparticle-decorated 2D materials, organic molecules/semiconductors sensitized 2D materials.

3. Optical, Structual and Dynamics Properties in Solution Phase Colloidal 2D Materials


Solution phase growth offers the possibility of large-scale production and precisely tuning of size and compositions from the initial reaction precursor. We are interested at the optical, structual properties and photoexcitation dynamics in these colloidal 2D nanomaterials and their self-assembles with collective properties, especially the dimensionality on their properties.

4. Optical Properties and Photoexcitation Dynamics in Energy Interconversion Materials and Devices

We are very open to interesting physical chemistry questions and collaborate with various research groups expertised on material growth and device fabrications and investigate the optical properties and photoexcitation dynamics related to solar energy conversion and light emission applications, e.g. organic solar cell, organic microlaser, quantum dot LED, perovskite opotoelectronic devices.