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>40 publicaitons in total, citation >2600, H-index 27 (2017/04)

Representative Work during PhD and Postdoc:

  1. Zhu, H. †; Wang, J.†; Gong, Z.; Kim, Y. D.; Hone, J.;Zhu, X. Y. Interfacial Charge Transfer Circumventing Momentum Mismatch atTwo-Dimensional van der Waals Heterojunctions. Nano Letters 2017, 17(6), 3591-3598.

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  3. Zhu, H.†; Miyata, K†; Fu, Y; Wang, J; Joshi, P; Jin,S.; Zhu, X.-Y. Screening in Crystalline Liquids Protects Energetic Carriers inHybrid Perovskites. Science 2016 353, 1409-1413

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  4. Fu, Y.†; Zhu, H.† (Co-first authors); Stoumpos, C; Ding, Q; Wang, J; Kanatzidis,M; Zhu, X-Y. and Jin, S. Broad Wavelength Tunable Robust Lasing fromSingle-Crystal Nanowires of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskites (CsPbX3, X=Cl, Br,I). ACS Nano 2016 10 (8), 7963

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